Why you need it? 

Automotive dealerships around the world should carry out a health check on 100% of vehicles that pass through the workshop, however in reality, this is much less. A major contributary factor is that the service teams are still using paper-based check sheets or platforms that are not integrated and creating double work for the users, which in turn impacts the uptake and utilisation. 


Template design tool to create OEM check sheets for preventative maintenance and quick service, related inspections 

Online/Offline capabilities to ensure no disruption or lost work during the checking process. 

Direct access to parts pricing and stock levels through menu pricing or the dealer management system.

Take images and video on the Getac tablet that can be shared with the customer and stored for future audits. 

Traffic light system to identify vehicle health and provide automated follow up that never misses an opportunity. 

Provide the customer with an accurate repair time for identified work, helping to ensure that the workshop deliver against this promise. 

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