next level online service booking


What is IQOSB?

IQOSB is a multi point Online Service Booking tool. With this application your customers or central booking team can make appointments in IQPlanning. The live schedule is considered during the booking process.

How does it improve efficiency?

Other plan solutions work with timeslots. This can mean only a certain amount of customers can be booked online every day. With IQOSB our plan algorithms look for a spot in the planning. This has proven to be more flexible.

Works on all formats

The OSB is available for all devices and formats. If you would like it, it is also possible to publish a personalized OSB app in the app store for Apple and Android devices!

Familiar experience

Customers can easily find their personal dealer. Every dealer in OSB is stored with GPS coordinates. Using the customers location the closest dealers are displayed. The selected location is displayed with a photo of the entrance so the customer feels right at home.

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