Mobilise your technicians and maximize productivity in your workshop


What is IQMobile?

Our mobile solution brings the planning to the technician. On the app, which works on all major platforms, they can access all information related to planning and job cards. 

How does it improve efficiency?

By digitalising paper-based processes and giving the technicians tablets PC’s they will save a significant amount of time each month to while performing their tasks. This will also give the visibility and control back to the business. For improved KPI tracking and reporting.


Digital Forms and Documentation
  • Digital Job Card
  • Technician Time-clocking
  • Job control
  • Internal Chat function
  • Supports existing documentation that can be digitalised
  • Reduces the need to leave the work bay
  • Control over Job card tasks and prescribed order
  • Can set to Mandatory task (no skipping important tasks)
  • No need to use paper and limit double entry
  • Measure performance
  • Displays relevant technical data
  • Keep the Technician updated
  • Status updates can be provided to the customer
  • Time clocking on the tablet
Device friendly
  • Multi device compliant (PC, Tablet and Smartphone)
  • Windows, Android and iOS compatible

A few of the functions & pages