Two solutions

IQPlanning Basic and IQPlanning Pro, can be linked to and fully integrated with the Dealer Management Systems (DMS) that are used by dealerships. they are proactive and they support the dealership’s business operations.


  • Manual and basic automated planning.
  • Fully automated planning with manual overrides
  • Takes employability restraints into consideration
  • Management information (productivity, efficiency, etc.)
  • Multi- & singlepoint dealerships
  • Courtesy car assignment & planning
  • Workorder and task status
  • Online customer planning
  • Planning in teams
  • Web based
  • Supports multiple shifts
  • OEM policies (for instance VPS (Volvo))
  • GDPR Compliant *
  • Customisable **
  • Web based
  • Automatic employee assignment
  • Visual clues during planning showing employabilities
  • Optimises the planning in the most efficient way possible
  • Re-plans other work orders when there is a sudden priority change
  • Will always fit work orders within the appointment window automatically
  • Self-learning concerning the productivity

IQP Basic


* Our software is GDPR compliant. When requested we can provide a GDPR compliancy statement. The main data source is the DMS and information is only kept while the work order is active. When work orders finish; related data will be trashed. The pro version stores anonymous planning related data for its self learning engine.

** IQPlanning offers an easy to use so called “logic editor”, that enables you to build your own processes, based on variables and data from the DMS (for instance, assign cars older than 20 years to a certain mechanic or plan extra time for a specified car type)

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