When logistics become complicated by many variables and circumstances, process efficiency will drop.

IQMotive’s challenge is to produce affordable planning software that provides the optimal solution to logistical problems. As our name suggests our focus is on Mobility.

Our successful first project is a standard planning solution based on Artificial Intelligence for car dealers workshops: IQPlanning.

The Dealer’s problem is the rapidly increasing complexity of the car requires more and more skills and certificates from mechanics. So mechanics specialize. It gets more challenging when the planning is changing by the minute.

IQPlanning handles these challenges, permanently providing the most efficient work schedule dealing with deadlines, extra work, and every other chaos causing planning variable possible. Supporting the dealer to best perform to the customer and improve efficiency in the workshop. Integrated in the dealer’s management software. Intelligent, self learning and dynamic. (learn more)


Visiting address
Martini Trade Park
Leonard Springerlaan 19
9727 KB Groningen

Post address
IQMotive B.V.
Het Schoolplein 3
9351 KL Leek

T: 050 – 2111893
E: info@iqmotive.nl

Travel directions
From N7(ring west), take directions to get on the N370 (Laan 1940-1945) and take the first exit on the right to Leonard Springerlaan. After 150 meters, just before the lunch-stand turn left and follow the road along the parking lot to the end. Turn left. You will see more parking lots an straight ahead a barrier. Just before this barrier are free parking spaces. You have arrived. We are located on the first floor of building 19.